Conferences have well proven results in bridging gaps and creating productive networking environments. At IBN we master the art of bringing people and resources together through planning and delivering specialized conferences on a wide range of topics and areas of interest. Whether it’s an industrial forum, an investment conference, or a specialized summit, our team applies a well-proven protocol, developed through many years of experience, to take the event to the next level in terms of relevance, effectiveness and seamless organization.


Understanding the needs of the private sector, as well as the concerns of the public sector, our conferences are designed to create opportunities and avenues of cooperation.


Conferences should deliver solutions, which is why we focus on the following areas:


Concept Development:

The continuing dramatic developments taking place across the Arab region, economic crises, evolving economic issues, and many other developments and matters are taken into consideration when planning a conference. Topics are well thought out to address issues and challenges and provide solutions.


Agenda and Program:

To ensure that each session in a conference is instructive and unique, we attract key people to offer their knowledge and experience. Distinguished speakers from both the private and public sector are always present to provide in-depth insight on topics under discussion. Nearly 300 high-caliber panelists have participated in our conferences since 2010.


Creating an Opportunity Medium

The main goal of all conferences is networking, so we make sure to create the suitable medium for B2B meetings and side deals where the outcome is always profitable for all parties.

Sponsors of our conferences benefit from wide exposure and are usually presented as major players in their domains. This explains the participation of 165 leading corporations, companies and institutions as sponsors in our conferences since 2010.








Event Management

IBN invests a wealth of knowledge and expertise in conceiving and realizing each event. We accompany our clients through the stages of the event and manage it from start to conclusion.


While events are considered a most effective marketing tool, we plan each phase to guarantee our clients an acceptable return on their investment.


We raise the bar and help you manage thought provoking seminars, engaging workshops, interactive meetings and tailored events that achieve your goals and vision.


Our work includes all of the below and more:


  • Concept and theme development
  • Budgeting
  • Agenda and program setting
  • Venue selection
  • Setting a communication strategy that includes a marketing plan, advertising plan, and a PR plan
  • Launching and promoting the event
  • Staging and audiovisual set-up
  • Ground handling
  • Operations and logistics (Meet and assist, Transportation management, and Hotel booking)
  • Post event analysis



IBN understands the importance of exhibitions as a venue for direct marketing. Well- organized exhibitions are a very effective medium for business networking and contribute in a major way to trading and economic activity.


We manage specific industry exhibitions and tradeshows and offer the following services:

  • Floor mapping
  • Logistics
  • Stand branding and design
  • Hosted buyers sessions

Training & Team Building events

Believing in the value of Human Capital, IBN organizes training programs that raise the bar in terms of quality, relevance and effectiveness. In this competitive business world having qualified and well trained personnel is a must for excellence and business success.


We can discuss and assess your training needs, and recommend, design and organize the most appropriate training programs and seminars to correct obstacles that prevent your team from achieving excellence.


Training topics vary and can include the following major areas, among others:

  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • Human resource management
  • Leadership skills
  • Motivation and personal development


“Wearing the same shirts doesn’t make a team.” (Buchholz and Roth)


Realizing the importance of team work, but also the difficulty sometimes of blending different personalities and abilities in one team, and we have launched the Team Building Events Service.


Team Building Events are usually based on studies in several areas such as internal communication, motivation, leadership and relationships. Each Team Building Event is tailored to suite your company’s culture and working environment.


Team Building Events can include:

  • Communication exercises
  • Leadership and decision making exercises
  • Ice breakers (entertainment activities)
  • Trust building exercises
  • Sports activities